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Available Puppies

Next Litter Expected Early Summer 2022

Current Age:


Icelyn Elsa Storm
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Lovely Icelyn is tiny but mighty! She’s the smallest and the most adventurous of the litter. She likes to play with the biggest siblings! She also loves being loved on. Icelyn has double blue eyes and a tan merle coat. She’s estimated to be 17-26lbs full grown.

Elsa is a beautiful black and white little girl with double blue eyes! She is so sweet and loves getting loved on. Give her all the lovings and you’ll have a cuddle bug. She’s estimated to be 25-30lbs.

Storm is very spunky! She has us constantly giggling. This black and white girl has beautiful double blue eyes. Storm enjoys being petted and playing. She’s estimated to be 25-30lbs.


Icelyn Elsa Storm


Boots Balto Togo Frost
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Boots is a beautiful black and white boy with double blue eyes! He’s so sweet and cuddly. Boots loves being loved on and enjoys playing with his siblings. He’s estimated to be 25-30lbs.

Balto looks just like his mommy! He’s a black and white boy with the very serious white husky eyebrows and will be bi-eyed (one blue and one brown). He is very calm and loooves being loved on. He is very much a cuddle bug. He is definitely going to be a big teddy bear. Balto is the most shy, but the biggest of the litter. He’s estimated to be 35-40lbs.

Togo is a black, white and tan boy with deep beautiful double blue eyes! When he looks at you you feel like he’s staring into your soul with his eyes. He really enjoys being petted and hanging out with us. But he also loves playing with his siblings. He’s estimated to be 27-33lbs.

Frost is a gorgeous blue merle boy with double blue eyes! He loves being with us and being loved on. He enjoys attention and playing with anyone! He’s estimated to be 27-33lbs.


Boots Balto Togo Frost

What is a F2b Pomsky?

How We Operate

1. One Litter at a Time

We only have one litter at a time to ensure each puppy gets significant 1 on 1 time and attention.

2. Puppy Parents On-Site

Both the mom and dad are on site and help raise the puppies. This ensures a very well-rounded puppy who is ready for anything!

3. Puppies Are Raised Inside

Our pups have a lot of time to play outside but always sleep inside. We allow them to stroll our house during the day while having their own indoor room for night-time.

4. Early Canine Neurostimulation

From week 1 we start introducing a variety of sounds and experiences to stimulate the puppy’s brain. This includes vacuums, air purifiers, people talking, airplanes, ocean waves, dogs barking, and other animal noises.

5. We Pick the Families

It is a two-way street when we review your application. You are interviewing us as much as we are interviewing you. We take great pride in placing our puppies successfully with their forever families. We don’t let everyone who fills out an application be accepted into our program.

6. Parents Over 2 Years Old

Both the Dam and Sire are of age to properly reproduce. We take every precaution to ensure the health of our parents.

7. Puppies Unavailable Until 8 Weeks

We know this may be hard for some people as they are so excited to get their new family member, but we will not let a puppy go until at least 8 weeks of age. Generally, we hold our pups until 8-10 weeks of age depending on our judgment. 

8. Health Testing and Screening

Each puppy will have been to our trusted vet at least 2 times before they go to their forever home. We guarantee the health of each pup and will provide documentation upon adoption of the bill of health. Both our Dam and Sire are DNA tested for health issues before breeding.

What comes with our puppies

F2b Pomsky

We are 61.1% Siberian Husky and 38.9% Pomeranian which makes us second generation Pomskies! Our mom is 72.2% Siberian Husky and 27.8% Pomeranian and our dad is 50/50. Our parents are DNA tested for breed and health issues. We give all our puppies’ new parents the parents’ full DNA report so they can rest assured they are getting a real Pomsky with no known health issues!

Hand Raised with Love

All our puppies get significant 1 on 1 time with us while they are growing up. We expose them to a variety of noises, ranging from the vacuum to thunderstorms (sound machine). They are comfortable with their eyes, ears, nose, and mouth being touched, as well as being held and cuddled! This ensures you get a pup that is ready for it all! 

Food, Toys, and Treats

We will give you several week’s worths of the food that we have been feeding our pups. We also give suggestions for our trusted toys and treats! We will give a specific toy with each puppy that has the mother’s scent on it to help the transition from our home to yours. 

Potty Trained

Starting at 3 weeks old we have been taught to potty outside! With your help we will continue to progress very fast! We know to potty inside on the potty pad, but might still have some accidents!

Up to Date on Shots

By the time you take us home, we will be fully up to date on all our veterinarian visits for our age! We will need an additional two rounds of shots. Your vet will help you schedule those visits. 

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Pomsky Owners Group

You get to join our private Facebook group for all our owners to share photos, updates, and meetups for our puppies! This lively group is great for questions and to help stay connected to us, as we are available for support when you need it!

Full Genetic Line

of our current litter

Puppy Mix Chart
Name Sex Breed Generation % Husky / Pom Eye Color Weight Coat Type Coat Color
50 / 50
28 lbs
Blue Merle
72.2 / 27.8
37 lbs
Black, White, and Copper
61.1 / 38.9
Green, Brown, Blue, Mixed, Bi-eye
~13-40 lbs
Wooly, Plush
Black, White, and Copper; Merle; Husky Mask

Meet the Parents

Dallas and Kali