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Dallas Pomskies started with a dream of sharing our beloved pets, Dallas and Kali, with the world. And that’s exactly what we did! They have outgoing, loving, and loyal personalities and we wanted to share that with others. 

Our dogs and puppies are hand raised in a small suburb outside of Dallas. They are family to us and therefore are free to roam about the house, play outside in the backyard, and lounge on the couch (or under it) if they wish. We give each of them lots of 1 on 1 time with plenty of cuddling and belly rubs. We also feed them premium food and help the mom ween them off breastmilk by introducing mush at around 4 weeks of age. We then proceed to transition to hard foods until they are fully on hard food and ready for the world!

The puppies spend time in their playpen as well as get exposure to the family rooms and backyard! We want the best for them and their future families so we aim to provide a nurturing environment and get them accustomed to all the sounds they’ll likely encounter.

Great experiences are what we hope to give not only the puppies but their forever parents too! That’s why we stay in touch and actively help answer questions with the new parents. We have several social media groups where we provide tips and tricks to ensure the success of raising one of our puppies. 

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